13 Jan 2020

Quercus Technologies Company Meeting 2020 kicks off

The company celebrates its traditional corporate week starting with different strategic meetings and a cooking workshop for employees, with the integrative nutrition therapist Elena Vidal. Quercus Technologies workers enjoy a show cooking event focused on healthy food in small format, ideal for daily lunch boxes.

What is the traditional Quercus Technologies Company Meeting? 

It is the time of the year when all the members of the company, from all over the world, take advantage of an intense week to work as a team, together and in the same workspace. In addition, they dedicate the time to leisure and team building activities, outside the company, which benefit the camaraderie and good understanding among all team members.

Strategic meetings, coffee breaks, entertaining video game sessions and healthy eating lectures are some of the events of these week meetings. A week full of team activities to do and to get to know each other a little more during those days. 

Today we kick off the activities and sessions of the Quercus Technologies Company Meeting and we will keep you posted!


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