20 May 2020

Quercus Technologies Education Session at IPI Nashville

Quercus presented yesterday at IPI Nashville the benefits of license plate recognition in the booming context of smart parking and smart cities. Jason Heckathorn, our Sales Manager in the US, explained during the Education Session how reliable LPR can improve parking management, emphasising Quercus expertise and advances in license plate recognition technology

The company makes its products and parking solutions available to attendees at the exhibition. At the show you will be able to talk to our sales team about the company's services, products and solutions. The SC Indoor camera-based guidance system, SmartLPR Access license plate detectors, LED panels for better driver guidance and kiosks to improve the user experience, among other elements of Quercus Technologies' global parking solution.

See you at the exhibition to discuss topics such as mobility, the latest technologies and trends in the parking industry. We would love to chat with all of you and address any questions, needs, suggestions or issues you may have about us or our company and its products and services.


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