21 Nov 2019

Quercus Technologies’ expansion in the Persian Gulf

As we all know, an airport is a place where the volume of people that crosses daily is immense. For the same reason, optimising the installations with an access control system that helps automate vehicle entrances and exits, and that provides a plus in security and parking control, is essential in this type of market.

Bahrain's International Airport joins the list of Quercus Technologies’ references on plate recognition. 12 SmartLPR Access cameras in total survey entries and exits of the parking lot of the airport. This way, the operator knows who is entering and leaving the facilities in order to guarantee a greater, global parking control.

The facilities were built in 1936 on the island of Al-Muharraq and their capacity and quality has been increasing ever since. Since 2009, a huge inversion has been made in order to expand and improve the facilities, including the parking and the parking accesses.


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