24 Jul 2019

Quercus Technologies in Qatar

The Hamad Medical Corporation building located in Doha, Qatar, upgrades its parking with more than 90 units of SmartLPR Access. The corporation now is in control of all entries and exits of the facility, compiling information of interest for the parking owner and reinforcing security in the building.

HMC is the largest healthcare provider in Qatar and one of the best hospital service providers in the Middle East. For over four decades it has been dedicated to the health sector. It controls more than 12 hospitals, as well as the national ambulance service and residential care services.

Hamad Medical Corporation also installed SC Indoor parking sensors in its parking garage to better guide the user through the parking facility to find available parking spaces in the shortest possible time. Quercus Technologies' camera-based indoor parking guidance system allows the location of all vehicles to be monitored by reading license plates in each parking space.

The medical center's parking garage is now 100% secure with 24/7 camera monitoring and when the parking sensors detect movement, they trigger video recording of the parking space. For this reason, the video collected by the sensors is high definition and very accurate, capturing at most two spaces per camera, offering unparalleled quality of detail.

The LPR Area solution was also installed with SmartLPR Access cameras, to indicate the availability of parking spaces in outdoor areas, by counting the number of vehicles moving into these areas compared to the capacity of these areas. In turn, license plate reading makes it possible to locate certain vehicles in certain outdoor areas.


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