19 May 2023

Quercus Technologies installs license plate recognition units at Tashkent Airport to optimize facility access

The use of license plate recognition technology is increasingly common at airports around the world, as it can boost parking management and security in many ways. That is why the International Airport of Tashkent, Uzbekistan, now features the access control solutions offered by Quercus.

LPR readers use image processing algorithms to identify the license plates of vehicles entering and exiting their facilities. This simple feature enables automation of facility access by vehicles, cutting wait times and improving efficiency of security personnel.

Each customer’s license plate works as a virtual ticket, making entrances and exits freer, and preventing ticket swaps and thefts in vehicles. LPR units ensure effective blacklist management and make it easy to monitor incidents and movements at access points. They also add a layer of reliability; in case of ticket loss, the exact time of the actual entrance can be determined from the license plate number.

This enhanced security is another essential element to bear in mind when it comes to designing parking solutions. License plate recognition cameras add another degree of monitoring capability at airport parking facility entrances and exits. Not only that, license numbers can be manually entered into the database. That way, authorized vehicles can enter and exit to and from the surrounding areas quickly, without any type of complication.

What benefits does LPR technology bring to an airport?

Less human error: License plate recognition units can do away with the need for airport employees to manually confirm the license plates of vehicles that enter and exit from the airport. This can reduce the possibility for human error and increase the accuracy of the data compiled.

Improved vehicle identification: LPR cameras can identify vehicles accurately and quickly, even in low-light conditions, or when license plates are dirty or damaged. This improves vehicle identification capacity in emergency situations.

Security optimization in the parking facility: ANPR units can detect vehicles remaining in the airport parking facility over a prolonged period of time, which helps identify any abandoned or suspicious vehicles. They can also detect vehicles that enter or exit the parking garage without paying, or those that attempt to access restricted areas.

Cost reduction: These systems can help cut costs in vehicle access control, as they do away with the need for employees to work manually checking license plate numbers. They can also reduce the time vehicles spend in the access lines, reducing fuel costs and the time drivers and their passengers spend parking their cars.



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