8 Apr 2020

Quercus Technologies joins the fight against Covid-19 spread with a donation to the campaign #JoEmCorono

The company collaborates with the initiative #JoEmCorono to fight the Covid-19, a project led by the Germans Trias i Pujol University Hospital in Badalona (Barcelona), the Fight Against AIDS Foundation and the IrsiCaixa Institute for AIDS Research.

They are performing a pioneering clinical trial, the first approved by the Agency of Medicine, with the aim of defining which drugs will be used to immediately treat the infected and to prevent the infection of their contacts. Through another project, they are also working on a vaccine for the virus.

Quercus Technologies wants to encourage other organizations, companies and individuals to add up to this pioneering project to stop the virus spread. It is fundamental that we all invest in research and development in this extraordinary circumstances many countries are going through right now. We can stop this together.


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