6 Oct 2020

Quercus Technologies' license plate recognition technology controls entries and exits to the Clinico Catanese

A total of 16 SmartLPR Access cameras have been installed at the Clinico Catanese medical center, located in the Italian city of Catania, on the island of Sicily. Parking is a particularly important and sensitive part of the facilities in medical centers and hospitals. It is a point where rushing patients and family members, stressed and impatient, cross paths.

That is why it is really important to have quick access to the building—especially if you are a person with a disability—and not to have to wait at the access points to the facilities. In short, optimum car park management is essential in these cases where time is money and having the tools to optimize user experience in the car park is a must.

The SmartLPR Access cameras, developed by Quercus Technologies, are a powerful All-in-One unit with everything needed for optimum number plate recognition that contributes to intelligent mobility and security in car parks and access control areas. This equipment allows to automate the access of health workers' vehicles to the car park and avoid queues and waiting at the entries and exits in places where not waiting is as important as in hospitals.


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