25 Oct 2021

Quercus Technologies LPR parking solution in France

The George Besse parking facility in Nîmes has been equipped with a parking guidance system from Quercus Technologies, working in cooperation with our French partner Axiome Protech. The camera-based parking sensors, part of the LPR parking solution, monitor the approximately 375 parking spaces, enhancing the security in the facilities with video surveillance and license plate recognition in every space.

To optimize parking management, one of the main goals is to facilitate mobility inside and around the facility. That is why the sensors that indicate the availability of parking spaces, the license plate recognition cameras that record the changes of area and information panels are so important. The parking guidance system efficiently and smoothly guides users around the facility, increasing rotation and reducing vehicle lines and congestion

The parking LPR solution significantly improves the parking experience of end users, who benefit by finding parking quicker and more efficiently with the parking guidance system. Our parking solution empowers operators to take a systemic approach that takes the end user’s experience into account, while also solving technical problems that facilities face.

Working with this mentality, we develop products, solutions and services conceived to make drivers’ experience efficient, enjoyable and accessible. The outcome: a simplified parking experience had by customers who live out the use of parking facilities as a good choice that will lead them to repeat the experience in the future.


LPR solution for the George Besse project

The nearly 375 parking places of this facility in the French city of Nîmes are monitored and managed by 119 ID SC Indoor parking sensors, 78 parking camera-equipped sensors and 41 sensors fitted with two cameras. These sensors can determine what type of spaces are free or occupied, in addition to indicating the type spaces that are free. Each sensor of the parking guidance system contains everything necessary for license plate recognition and vehicle presence detection.

All of this information is sent to the BirdWatch parking software platform, making it available to the operator in real time. The parking suite centralizes all data, enabling the parking facility user to see them clearly, effectively and in real time. Integration of the platform with all of the components provides a comprehensive view of parking movements, and facilitates efficient data analysis. This integration expedites strategic decision-making for the business, empowering operators with the ability to detect and develop new opportunities, generating superior levels of Business Intelligence.

Digital information parking displays are fundamental resources to guide users through the interior of the parking facility to available spaces. Nine units are installed in strategic points throughout the parking facility: they indicate changes of direction, floor or area, information that saves users time, as they will not enter areas where there are no free spaces. Additionally, SmartLPR Access license plate recognition cameras were necessary to track changes of area (exits and entries of vehicles to and from outdoor parking areas) to indicate, by counting and recognizing license plates, if there are free spaces in outdoor areas.

The LPR parking solution in France


Easy integration of parking management software BirdWatch with third parties

The mission of Quercus Technologies is to expand the possibilities of integration of its products and solutions, facilitating compatibility and providing its customers with user-friendly, intuitive language. The suite has a native predisposition to integration through API, giving users the power to use innovative protocols and standards. 

For this reason, it was simple for the group Axiome Concept and its partner Michat Electronique to integrate their outdoor panel technology with our comprehensive parking solution. Thus, the parking management platform also communicates with third-party devices such as the case of the outdoor “totem pole” featured in this project, which shows parking space availability on the different floors of the parking facility.

The BirdWatch parking management platform provides full control over all guidance system products, in indoor and outdoor parking lots and garages, working in a comprehensive, standardized and strategically advanced manner to centralize all information and generate key reports. 


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