24 Apr 2020

Quercus Technologies reaches more than 99.5% of LPR accuracy of German plates in the latest SmartLPR Access release

Quercus Technologies is continuously improving the recognition rate of license plates in the 183 countries we already read and including new ones day by day. Each country has its specificities with respect to grammar, colour and size of its vehicles’ license plates. We improved readings in Georgia, Germany, Peru, Ireland, Singapur, Netherlands, Portugal and Australia.

To set an example of these steps to enhancement, in German plates we used to have a high reliability of 98.2% with 1 SmartLPR Access camera, before March improvements. Analyzing the results after this last release, in a sample of 2,500 vehicles, we achieved more than 99.5% of reading success. This result is calculated considering the reality of vehicles running in Germany taking into account all car shapes.

Quercus Technologies is sure that actions and proof are louder than words. This is why we keep providing substantiated data to our customers and offer performance analysis of all our products installed around the world.


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