9 Jan 2020

Quercus Technologies SmartLPR Access cameras control accesses to the Guitar Hotel in Hollywood, Florida

One of the most distinctive hotels in the world because of its guitar shape is property of world-famous brand Hard Rock International. 8 SmartLPR Access, license plate reading cameras developed by Quercus Technologies, have been installed in the entrances and exits of the parking of the hotel. These cameras identify the license plate of the vehicles, registering all needed information about the entry and exit times of the vehicles in the premises.

Quercus Technologies' camera-based access control system allows to increase mobility and security in the parking facilities, detecting fraudulent access attempts to the premises or vehicle theft.

One of the main features of the global parking solution proposed by Quercus is the capacity to store all the information generated by the use of its facilities, thus achieving a much more efficient management of the business and ensuring a significant improvement in the user's experience.


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