28 Sep 2018

Shopping Mall Royal now benefits from the Quercus Technologies parking guidance system

Efficient car park management is achieved by increasing mobility and providing as much control and security as possible. For this reason, the Royal Shopping Mall located in Londrina, is another shopping centre that joins technological innovation by equipping its car park with 100 SC Indoor car park sensors, 6 SmartLPR Access cameras at entrances and exits and 8 CCTV units for precise video surveillance in all parking spaces. 

The vehicle detection parking sensors allow for the recognition of each number plate, a highly reliable guidance system and video surveillance in each parking space. The colour of the parking sensors indicates the availability of 4 parking spaces, and whether they are occupied or free. This allows for more information to be given to drivers about the occupation of parking spaces and helps them to find their place more quickly. 

The SmartLPR Access cameras installed at the car park entrances and exits are designed to facilitate mobility and security within the car park and access control areas. In addition, it allows the user to have information about their vehicle at all times and to be able to reserve their parking space in advance. All information received by the sensors or cameras is managed with the BirdWatch parking management software, so that the operator can access all this significant data for the proper optimisation of the car park. 


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