11 Apr 2017

SmartLPR Access license plate recognition units now at Carpark 49, Toronto

The Toronto Parking Authority reopened Carpark 49, a former surface parking lot that is now a 153-space modern parking garage.More and more companies are committed to innovation and are joining the many benefits of the parking solutions offered by Quercus Technologies. Its products and services are developed with the brand's own technology, offering an incredible guided parking control system at the service of the user and the customer. 

Our SmartLPR Access NA units for license plate recognition are placed at the entries/exits of the newly modernized Carpark 49 parking garage, allowing vehicle access based on license plate information. Our intelligent LPR devices are able to cope with the challenges represented by the Ontario plates and the harsh weather conditions, providing good recognition results. 

The high reliability of the number plate recognition cameras guarantees the registration of movements, ensures the automation of the entrances and exits of some vehicles or their blocking, increases the fluidity of traffic, reduces queues and crowds and allows the reservation of seats.


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