25 May 2018

SC Indoor Sensor installed in Lincoln Center Parking in Miami

The SC Indoor vehicle detection sensor is now in operation at Lincoln Center Parking in Miami, the premier shopping destination in South Beach. The New SC Indoor parking sensor is a completely sealed sensor (IP65 / IP67) that improves security and provides a better user experience.

The SC Indoor parking space sensors have the ability to recognise the number plates of vehicles in each parking space, providing comprehensive control at all times. In the event that any movement is perceived in the parking space, the video recording is automatically triggered, thus preventing theft attempts and also false reports of damage to your vehicles. The parking sensors record all movements and send all this data to the software platform created by Quercus Technologies, providing the operator with a complete overview of everything that is happening inside the car park. 

This advanced parking technology makes it much easier for car park users to find their space and return to their vehicle, as the car park guidance system controls where their vehicle is located at all times. In addition, depending on the colour of the device, it will give you information on what type of parking space it is, for example, for people with reduced mobility or VIPs. Camera-based parking guide system provide a wide range of benefits to both the operator and the user. 


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