23 Mar 2023

The Arab World Institute reopens its parking garage with the Quercus smart parking system

The Arab World Institute is a French cultural center dedicated to the Arab world. The building, located in the heart of Paris, was designed by a group of architects whose work expresses a perfect synthesis between Arab and western culture. The AWI building, acknowledged around the world as a symbol of modern architecture, features a museum, temporary exhibition spaces, an auditorium for events, films and conferences, a media library, a language and civilization center, a book shop and elegantly-appointed reception areas.

As part of the effort to reopen its parking garage, the Arab World Institute placed its trust in Quercus Technologies to develop, alongside our partner Parkelec, a comprehensive parking project designed to meet all the needs of the facility. A parking guidance system is an essential tool with which to guide users to a free space in the minimum possible time. Now, thanks to the SC Indoor camera-based parking sensors, the 65 parking spaces are fully monitored to show information on occupancy, and the type of spaces reserved for individuals with reduced mobility.

With a view to further enhance users’ parking experience, 65 availability indicators with RGB lights were added. With this system, users can see the parking availability of every space. The SC Indoor sensors read the parked vehicle’s license plate and detect whether the space is occupied or free. Once this information is collected, it is sent to the indicator light, which changes color according to the occupancy status of the spaces.


Parking space detection is the backbone of the system; everything begins with the reading of the license plate by the sensor to determine the status of every space. When the sensor picks up a change in parking space status, it shows it by changing the color of its light, and sending this information to the parking software. That way, the parking operator is aware at all times of the status of the entire parking facility.

In order for the system to offer every possible convenience to drivers, LED matrix information panels were also installed at strategic points around the garage. This way, drivers would know right away when entering where to go and significantly reduce the time lost hunting for a parking space.

Two Smart LPR Access license plate recognition cameras were installed at the garage entrance and exit to cover the access points to this cultural institute. With this system, the license plate of the vehicle entering the parking garage is recorded in the parking software platform. On exit, the LPR system identifies the vehicle license plate, ensures that payment has been made in full and automatically lifts the barrier for the driver to exit trouble-free. It is a type of management system that enables more efficient access automation. 

In the parking facility control center, operators have access to our BirdWatch software platform, in which they can view the actual situation of the spaces, and monitor occupancy times. Another important detail: they can also generate reports and statistics on occupancy by areas. Our customers can manage their business in a clear way, and get great return on their investment in tools to improve their parking facility.

A system of this category adds layers of security to the parking garage, as the operator has access to the information in real time on what is happening in each parking space. This helps prevent theft, damage to parked vehicles and even fraudulent accident reports. Camera-based sensors enable license plate recognition and video surveillance of each parking space, to never miss any details of what takes place inside the facility.

The information on trends that is received thanks to the real-time data collected by the systems that make up the parking solution is invaluable for parking facility owners; it empowers them to make any necessary adjustments and include improvements that will bring about higher levels of visitor satisfaction.

Implementing a smart parking system is a way to boost efficiency and therefore, increase the overall profitability of the business. Greater automation in the parking process means less manual activity, and more savings in labor and maintenance costs. 


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