29 Mar 2023

The TMB employee parking facility streamlines access points with Quercus license plate recognition units

Transportes Metropolitanos de Barcelona (TMB) is the main mass transit authority for the Barcelona metropolitan area. TMB's mission is to provide public transportation services to the city of Barcelona and a number of neighboring municipalities.

Parking systems are an essential part of modern urban infrastructure. The growth of the population and the rise in the number of vehicles on our roads have created a greater need for innovative, efficient parking solutions. Smart parking systems represent different methods and technologies used to manage and organize vehicle parking in a given area. The goal of these systems is to optimize the use of available space, reduce traffic congestion and improve the overall parking experience for drivers.

Previously, the TMB employee parking facility was automated through a system based on use of the CAT card at entrances and exits. The current inclusion of Quercus' LPR system expedites access and quickly resolves the problem if an employee forgets their card, enabling them to easily access the facility through the identification of their license plate.

On another note, access to the bus fleet parking facility used to be manual, with a security guard in charge of raising and lowering the access barrier. Thanks to the installation of the license plate recognition units, it is now possible to completely automate this step, freeing the security guard to devote their time to other duties. 

In the parking management industry, LPR products are considered useful resources to automate vehicle entry and exit processes. LPR technology can automatically read the vehicle license plate and grant rapid and simple entry or exit, or deny entry to unauthorized vehicles attempting to access the facility. This not only saves time and increases efficiency, it also cuts down on human error, and improves security by eliminating the need for drivers to lower their windows or open their doors to speak to security staff.

Advantages of using LPR systems

SmartLPR Access license plate readers are ANPR systems that take pictures of vehicle license plates and then use optical character recognition (OCR) software to extract the text from the image captured by the reader. What benefits does a product like this bring to users and operators?

Greater security: Automated parking systems can reduce the risk of accidents and collisions, as they eliminate the need for drivers to enter parking areas that are already full.

Improved customer experience: Parking systems can make the parking experience more convenient and hassle-free for drivers, which boosts customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Increased revenue: Parking systems can help generate additional revenue streams for companies and municipalities, empowering them to charge for parking and reducing parking security costs.

In short, parking systems play a key role in urban infrastructure. The automation that comes through this technology increases efficiency, reduces human error and adds layers of security, making it an invaluable tool for any organization that needs to control vehicle access. It is safe to say that, as the technology continues to advance, we can expect to see more innovative parking solutions that further improve automation, control, and convenience for users and operators alike.


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