12 Jan 2021

The camera-based parking guidance system by Quercus Technologies has been installed at the HMC Business Center in Doha, Qatar

HMC (Hamad Medical Corporation) is the leading provider of secondary and tertiary medicine in Qatar and one of the most important hospitals in the Middle East. For more than four decades, HMC has been dedicated to delivering the best, safest and most effective care to all its patients. The corporation manages 12 hospital centers, nine specialist hospitals and three community hospitals, as well as the National Ambulance Service and home care and residential care services.

The HMC Business Center, with a parking lot for about 2,000 vehicles, needed a guidance system that would optimize the flow of drivers in the parking facilities and allow easy location of available and occupied places in addition to those designated or reserved for certain corporate personnel. It was also necessary to install an external guidance system that counts the vehicles parked in the external areas and allows drivers to be guided to these areas by means of indicator panels.

For this strategic parking solution, the partner KTC Qatar installed 574 SC Indoor car parking sensors (ID model) in the parking lot corridors to detect vehicles, read their license plates and run video recordings when they recognize movement in the parking space. This advanced parking guidance system allows not only to increase mobility and facilitate the search time for a parking space, but also to improve the safety of the installations and to detect accidents, incidents or false claims.

As for the outdoor parking guidance solution, SmartLPR Access cameras with the LPR Area functionality were installed at the entries and exits to the exterior areas of the parking lot, which allow to find out which vehicles are in these areas and to count the available spaces by using the related information of the total number of spaces and vehicles that have accessed the parking lot to occupy them. This information is centralized in the parking management software platform BirdWatch, developed by Quercus Technologies.

In conclusion, the parking lot operator and the end users of the HMC Business Center get all the benefits and functionalities of the products and solutions offered and installed in the parking facilities. The camera-based system brings numerous benefits, with a high rate of vehicle detection and reliability in license plate recognition. It also reduces administrative expenses and the cost of maintenance, thus increasing operators' revenues. In this way, customers can enjoy a comfortable experience without any complications, while traffic congestion is reduced inside and outside the parking facility, as well as CO2 emissions and fuel consumption


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