17 Dec 2019

The global Quercus Technologies solution arrives at Avenida Center Mall in Brazil

200 SC Indoor sensors all in all control more than 600 parking spots in the mall in the city of Maringá, in Brazil. The parking guidance system of Quercus Technologies is the option chosen to develop the client's needs. The car park solution also includes Quercus LED panels and SmartLPR Access cameras. It is centralized using BirdWatch parking suite.

These LED matrix panels are connected to the Spot Control car park sensors central unit, which with its light off can read the license plates and detect the presence of the vehicles in each parking space, sending the information to the parking software and changing the colors of the lights every time one of the spaces is occupied or vacated.

Finally, the Quercus Technologies software platform interprets the information received on the availability of the parking spaces, given by the parking sensors and retransmits it through the panels in real time for greater mobility inside the parking lot.

Avenida Center Mall was inaugurated in 1989, the first shopping mall in the city. Up to this day it plays an important place in the economy and the social life of the inhabitants of Maringá. In addition to the shopping center, the company owns the Avenida Hotel and Business Center.


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