11 Aug 2020

The stadiums choose Quercus Technologies to control the vehicles that access their parking facilities

Past times and entertaining are crucial in our times: everybody goes to the stadium to watch a game or to have fun at a concert from the grandstand and making the most of the good sound distribution of the place. That said, who wouldn’t like to avoid the queues formed not only at the entries, but also in the parking lots? And the situation goes worse when the event is over and all the vehicles crow at the exit points to go back home.

Although nobody has a magical wand to avoid these massive crowding, it is obvious that the smarter the parking system is, the better vehicle flow inside the facilities; therefore, less time to enter, exit or go through the garages trying to find and empty spot or the exit. The automation of the barriers, the license plate recognition and the ticketless option that cameras such the ones developed by Quercus Technologies provide, help this complicated scenario that otherwise might even prevent users from using our parking facilities.

Quercus Technologies at the stadiums

Riazor local stadium in A Coruña is the latest stadium that has installed six Smart LPR Access cameras in its parking facilities, Orzán Riazor. With the help of these cameras, the clients are able to get information on their license printed on the ticket at the entries and exits and they can benefit automatically of the discounts for the parking subscribers, as the parking facilities use discount vouchers on time and money and also benefits for staying in nearby hotels.

Other stadiums, global sport references, have their parking facilities equipped with access control cameras and license plate recognition devices. This is the case of the Russian stadium Otkritie Arena or the Brazilian Allianz Parque.


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