10 May 2021

Tips to raise mobility, rotation and profits in parking

As users, when we think of parking guidance systems, their advantages are the first thing that comes to mind: finding a parking space quickly, to get on with what you have to do. We don’t realize how many factors go into making up a satisfactory experience for parking facility users. 

Parking facilities are becoming more and more attractive: well-lit, ventilated, equipped with high technology and air conditioning. And why is that? Because the parking facility is often the first impression you get from a shopping mall, hospital or neighborhood community. And, let’s face it, the impression is not always a positive one.

Keeping tabs on how many vehicles are inside a parking facility

When it comes to parking management technology or solutions, this may seem obvious. But all too often, it can be part of a larger set of problems. Information on the number of vehicles that enter a parking lot is important. If you can add more data, such as the license plate numbers of those vehicles, then all the better. 

The database of a smart parking facility enables automated access to authorized individuals or members, providing a clear boost to internal mobility. Parking guide systems usually manage all information regarding access attempts and vehicles inside the parking facility.

Signage at decision points!

Information panels and other signs in parking facilities are fundamental ways to help time-conscious drivers with a parking space guidance. If a user doesn’t find a space on the first floor they access, it’s important to inform them of the floor where there are available spaces, and how many are left, before they go up or down another level. That is why a parking display system is so necessary - to install panels at turnarounds, ramps and parking aisles.

Video surveillance of corridors and parking spaces (if possible)

Guaranteed safety is one of the keys to users’ peace of mind in a private parking facility. Because when you park your car in a parking facility equipped with video surveillance cameras, you park with confidence. The general monitoring of parking facility aisles is effective enough. 

But it can be even better if done in greater detail, using sensors for surveillance of every parking space. Video evidence is a powerful ally in case of accidents, theft or fraudulent claims.

Helping your users find their vehicle with real-time information gathered through parking management software

Kiosks are useful resources to provide your parking customers with this information. All customers have to do is enter their license number on the touch-screen for the system to locate their vehicle in record time. 

The more advantages your comprehensive parking solution provides, the easier it will be to leave a positive impression of the parking experience, and the more likely it will be that customers come back. This is why a parking information system is so important in strategic parking solutions. 

Make your facility “eco-friendlier”: stop printing entry and exit tickets

Another factor that we often overlook, but that today’s youth is keenly aware of, is the excessive consumption of raw materials. In the case of the tickets printed by a parking facility, many people might think: “Is this much paper necessary for a few minutes of parking?” And they would be right to ask that question. 

New license plate recognition technology enables readers at the entrance to recognize your license number. Just enter the digits and letters of the license number when paying at the end of your stay. The license plate recognition camera will detect your vehicle leaving the facility, and the barrier will automatically open as you exit.


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