14 Feb 2022

Unity Center embraces Quercus Technologies parking solutions

Unity Center is the largest multinational business center in the city of Kraków. The complex is made up by five buildings: Unity Tower, Unity Residence, Unity Office, and the Western and Eastern Office Buildings. This modern business district links the university campus with the main public transportation stations, and features a boulevard with access to restaurants, cafés and shops. But Unity Center is more than its commercial buildings. It also includes luxury apartment towers, distinguished by their modern contours and usage of smart energy and communication control systems. What’s more, the entire complex is equipped with a building management system based on direct digital control.

Such an exclusive development, outfitted with cutting-edge technology in every area, could only provide its parking facility users with the same privileges. Unity Center’s underground parking garage consists of two levels with 400 parking spaces, 200 spaces for bicycles, and of course, spaces equipped with electric vehicle charging stations.

Their drive to offer top-tier service motivated the operators to optimize their parking garage with a parking guidance system from Quercus Technologies. Now, a total of 200 SC Indoor sensors have been installed with the aim of automating access to available spaces, contributing to a more convenient, and satisfying experience for both parking garage users and operators. To boost the efficiency of the guidance system, six LED panels have been installed at key points around the garage, to help drivers know how many spaces are available, and where to find them, in record time. This add-on to the parking guidance system makes for parking management that is beyond efficient, cutting time wasted waiting and hunting for spaces.


The information collected by the parking sensors is sent to BirdWatch, Quercus’ parking software platform. This system gives operators access to all movements generated in the parking garage. Through analysis of those data, they can generate the reports needed to develop marketing strategies that lead to higher profits. What’s more, having a recording of everything that happens in the parking garage thanks to the detailed video surveillance of every space provides an added layer of security and control to the facility, helping enhance the quality and service provided.

Optimization of parking facilities with LPR units

Parking facility automation ensures agile mobility and accurate control of entrances and exits from the premises. For this reason, SmartLPR Access license plate recognition cameras have also been installed at the Unity Center complex. Naturally, at a property as modern as Unity Center, the parking garage could only be state-of-the-art. LPR units ensure high reliability in license plate recognition, expediting traffic flow, reducing lines and back-ups. All of which are key traits to take customer experience to the next level.

Using a quality smart parking system opens doors to multiple applications and advantages. Fortunately, a growing number of customers trust Quercus to equip their facilities with a comprehensive, effective parking experience thanks to the implementation of their products and services.


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