27 Apr 2023

A comprehensive parking solution for Israeli company Mobileye

Mobileye has joined the list of major corporations that use parking systems provided by Quercus Technologies to advance their parking management. The Israeli company, specialized in artificial vision and a world leader in advanced driving assistance technologies and automotive safety systems, is setting a clear example of how a parking guidance system can improve efficiency in the workplace.

The parking guidance system installed in this project, which covered 1,363 parking spaces, and was managed by our partner company AFCON, involved installation of 665 SC Indoor ID sensors on the ceilings of the parking garage. These sensors detect the presence of parked vehicles, guide drivers to available parking spaces, and provide video surveillance capability over each space. The system uses a combination of high-resolution camera-based sensors and license plate recognition technology to identify and locate each vehicle in the parking garage.

Availability information is displayed on the 81 informative LED panels installed at strategic points throughout the parking garage. This enables drivers to quickly find a space and reduce the time spent hunting for one. Information is processed through advanced algorithms to determine the location of empty parking spaces. It is shown on the panels in real time.

Not only does managing information this way improve the parking experience for company employees and visitors, the guidance system also helps cut the time spent looking for parking spaces, and overall traffic congestion in the surrounding area. This can have a positive effect on traffic efficiency, and reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

This project also included installation of two SmartLPR Access units at the parking garage access points. License plate recognition cameras are an example of access control technology used with the aim of identifying and recording the license plates of the vehicles that enter and exit the parking garage. These devices use advanced software to recognize vehicle license plates and store this information in the parking software database. ANPR systems are a convenient, efficient way of managing parking access, as they do away with the need for paper tickets or parking access cards. In their place, drivers can enter and exit the parking garage by simply driving their vehicles up to the license plate recognition unit, which automatically records the license plate and compares it with the data already in its database, taking automation to a whole new level.

They can also be used to add another layer of parking garage security and management. Garages can use the data recorded by license plate recognition units to keep a log of vehicles entering and exiting from the facility, which can be useful in the event of theft or accident. In addition, data recorded by license plate recognition units also help monitor the parking garage capacity and determine the occupancy levels at any given time.

What other advantages come with a comprehensive parking system?

Parking Guidance systems have evolved a great deal in recent years. Now there is a wide variety of solutions available to adapt to the needs of any parking facility.

A parking garage that offers an easy, stress-free parking experience is more attractive for drivers, and can even improve a company’s image. What’s more, advanced guidance systems can be a unique, distinctive trait to help enhance a company’s overall reputation.

Another benefit that comes with a guidance system is the capacity to compile data in real time on parking facility usage. The data can be used to optimize parking garage management, identify usage patterns and improve the user experience. Technology can also be used to provide real-time information on the parking garage occupancy status for incoming drivers. This enables them to plan ahead and avoid traffic.

The systems developed by Quercus make up an innovative, reliable solution that enhances users’ overall parking experience. By using cutting-edge technology to recognize vehicles and guide drivers to available parking spaces, parking management is improved, and an easier, more efficient parking experience is guaranteed to all drivers.


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