26 Jul 2022

A comprehensive parking solution for Sagrat Cor Hospital

By now, numerous hospitals have trusted in Quercus technology to implement efficient, reliable solutions in their parking infrastructure. The reason? Fast and simple automated access for cars and emergency vehicles is a core value of any modern-day health care facility.

Optimal parking management is a key factor to make the user experience more fluid, and for it to take less time. This helps guarantee that patients, visitors, and hospital staff all find an available parking space as close as possible to their destination, in a way that is quick and hassle-free. 

In the case of the preferential parking garage at Sagrat Cor Hospital, managed by Telpark company, a comprehensive proposal was made. It was based on parking solutions that brought greater security and monitoring capability to the facility, while minimizing management overheads. The integration of a smart parking system involves a progression in which it’s necessary to work closely with the technology integrator, the support team and end customer, so that the main problems can be detected, and most suitable solutions found for the installation to be a complete success.

To optimize traffic in the parking garage, and especially, prevent congestion at entrances and exits, facility management decided to invest in SmartLPR Access license plate recognition units. This system reads the license plate of each vehicle accessing the premises, and the information is recorded in a database. In addition to being a good solution to monitor each vehicle entering the facility, it also works to grant priority access to vehicles previously added to the hospital database. This way, employees, suppliers, or others can access the hospital automatically, without any delay.

The most obvious part of the smart parking system involved the installation of SC Indoor sensors inside the parking garage. They conveniently guide each user to areas with available parking spaces. The color of the sensor lights indicates whether the space is occupied or free. Other colors can also be assigned to correctly identify spaces for individuals with reduced mobility, those reserved for VIP users or for health care professionals.

To ensure proper guidance around the interior of the Sagrat Cor parking facility, clearly visible LED information displays were installed. Signage was adapted for users to be informed of the different parking levels, and where to find a free space to park their vehicle as quickly and simply as possible. This expedites mobility and gives drivers more autonomy.

The innovation brought about by such a system helps relieve stress by providing patients with real-time information on space availability and the parking garage itself, reducing parking delays and helping them get to their appointments on time.

All of the information gathered, by license plate recognition units, parking guidance sensors and information panels, is recorded in BirdWatch, Quercus’ parking software platform. This Parking Suite, based on Business Intelligence, grants total control over all products that make up the comprehensive solution. Having centralized information on everything happening in the parking garage gives facility operators all the data they need to generate key reports that facilitate ongoing improvement of their parking management. What’s more, the solution brings tighter security to the hospital, something that’s among the highest priorities of any medical facility.


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