6 Oct 2022

ANPR access control system installed at the Nice airport

Nice is home to France’s third-most important airport, following Charles de Gaulle and Orly, located in Paris. Thanks to its excellent location, it also serves the Principality of Monaco, from which there is a helicopter service to shuttle passengers to that enclave.

Every user comes to the parking facility for a specific purpose, whether for short-term stays, several days or long-term, or even access for business or airport staff users. That is why it is vital for this facility to be equipped with an easy-to-use, flexible parking management system that enables different types of access depending on the user accessing the premises.

Optimization of an airport parking facility requires solutions that can manage entrances and exits of a large number of vehicles each day, and furthermore, is fully adapted to the needs of the parking operator. License plate recognition technology has been a key component in the parking industry’s capacity to bring touchless solutions that meet every parking requirement.

The solution proposed by Quercus Technologies enhances parking facility efficiency, achieving a better user experience, improving overall performance and operational control. The SmartLPR Access license plate recognition cameras bring a higher level of supervision and security to a parking facility by recognizing the license plate of every user who accesses the airport. What’s more, it’s a system that enables total integration with third-party systems.

Permission management based on access systems

Drivers who regularly access parking areas, such as anyone working at the airport, provide the parking facility operator with their license number for it to be registered in the database. This way, the employee can enter and exit the parking facility easily, fluidly and without unnecessary stops.

For occasional users, the exit barrier will automatically open once it has read their license number, and confirmed that payment for the stay has been made. There is no need to insert any sort of ticket. In other words, it’s completely contactless automation.

On another note, a system such as this also makes it possible for users to reserve a parking space in advance for a period of more than one consecutive day. Once the reservation is made, entrance is immediately authorized by presenting the code with the license number.

If any irregularity is detected when a vehicle is leaving the facility, payment cannot be confirmed, or the vehicle attempting to exit were not the same as the one that entered, barriers would remain blocked for the vehicle.

In conclusion, as new unmet needs arise in the world of parking, airports must adapt and prepare their infrastructures to offer their users a much more satisfying experience. Investing in parking systems that improve the facilities, and bring users benefits not only boosts the facility’s profitability, but also makes customers loyal, the first step for them to keep choosing your parking garage or lot.


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