11 May 2020

Better integration with the latest BirdWatch release

The latest BirdWatch release includes a very important change regarding the API integration. Quercus Technologies now makes available two new different interfaces that are easier to integrate with its system: BirdWatch REST API and BirdWatch WebSockets API. These two types of API will ensure that our clients work on more innovative and standard protocols without giving up customer service and efficiency.

The REST API is used for requests and online professional service and, for instance, allows the car park manager to request occupancy statistics and car movements within a parking facility and it also provides media, videos and images. The WebSockets API aims to get events and real-time data updated and transmitted over the network, it gives real-time car access and spot occupation.

Quercus Technologies focuses on broadening the integration options and offer, making the compatibility easier and securing a user-friendly language for our customers worldwide.


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