10 Jan 2019

CEPSA tower car park installs 4 SmartLPR Access

The Cepsa Tower is a skyscraper located in the financial area of Madrid. It is the second tallest skyscraper in Spain, as well as the fourth tallest in the European Union. With the aim of increasing security in its car park, a total of 4 SmartLPR Access number plate recognition cameras have been installed at the entrances and exits, thus improving access to the building and increasing control of the private car park, allowing automatic access to company employees. 

The high-tech products offered by Quercus Technologies help to increase the quality and experience of car park customers. The SmartLPR Access units recognise the number plates of vehicles entering the car park to compare them with those registered as company employees. If the number plate is on the list, the barrier gate opens automatically without the need for a ticket. 

Quercus Technologies' products guarantee a reduction in time spent entering and leaving the corporate building, one of the main reasons for wanting to invest in intelligent parking. Furthermore, the parking management software allows for the collection of all the data necessary to keep a thorough check on all the vehicles that have passed through the car park. 


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