11 Jun 2020

Customers satisfaction is a must for Quercus Technologies

Quercus Technologies is more than aware that each parking and mobility project has its own characteristics. This is the reason why we offer a parking solution that optimally adapts to each parking facility, guiding the client in every step of their journey: during the selling process and the after-sales, with the help of the Customer Service Department and the Technical Office.


Our services

Quercus Technologies offers a wide range of services for the two business units of our company: Detection and Mobility.  Our Customer Service Department provides technical support on site at start up as well as remote services such as performance analysis for our LPR cameras and camera-based parking sensors. We can also help you with the remote set up of Birdwatch (Parking management software) and its products.

What is more, Quercus Technologies also provides the remote services performed by our Technical Office to our clients from the Mobility Division: assisting them with the offer preparation and tailor-made design of the executive drawings, according to the client's needs and the features of the parking lot or project.


Training and documentation 

Moreover, our Customer Service Department offers online certified courses for technicians who want to be trained in our products and their installation. Our Partners Portal platform is also available, giving access to valuable information.


Our global team

These departments are located in different areas (Barcelona, Santiago de Chili, São Paulo and New York) to insure an outstanding service and a fast response. Our experts in the Technical Department have a long experience and deep know-how and are always dedicated to our clients in order to help and assist them whenever they need.


Contact us

If you are looking for answers, want more information, want to solve a problem or simply want to tell us how we did, please contact us.

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