22 Jun 2018

Installation of license plate recognition cameras in Bristol

A total of 4 new cameras SmartLPR Access has been installed in the new multi-storey car park project in Bristol, whose ten entrances and exits were already controlled by the vehicle detection cameras provided by Quercus Technologies.

The number plate recognition equipment ensures detailed control of all vehicles entering or leaving the car park. In this way, they are able to report the exact time a vehicle has been in the car park, or how often it has been there during an exact period of time. 

The number plate recognition system, in addition to guaranteeing exhaustive control of all movements in the car park, also offers the security of knowing that theft and fraud can be prevented. Furthermore, thanks to the highly reliable automatic accesses, it will be possible to forget about the generation of queues and improve the user experience. 

All data recorded by the video surveillance cameras will be sent directly to Quercus Technologies' own software platform. In this way, the customer will have at hand all the information that will be useful for future improvements or for more detailed control of movements in the car park. 


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