14 Jun 2021

License Plate Recognition in Chile, the case of El Llano

License plate readers are a key part of access control systems in parking facilities. License plate recognition of vehicles entering and exiting the parking facility enables operators to gather information that is fundamental to automating entries and exits.

A total of four license plate recognition cameras have been installed in the lanes leading into the parking garage at the shopping mall belonging to the Cencosud Group, in Santiago de Chile. This license plate camera automates and expedites entries into the mall, preventing formation of lines, and the unnecessary printing of tickets. It enhances shoppers’ parking experience and makes it more likely they will repeat their visit when it comes to choosing where to shop.

The SmartLPR Access cameras, developed by Quercus Technologies, are Plug & Play ANPR units that are easy to install, configure and integrate with other systems that typically accompany this type of license plate recognition units. In other words, the vehicle license plate recognition cameras are connected to the operator’s computer without needing to be configured, use jumpers or specific software, or enter parameters into their drivers.

The entire smart parking system has various elements that provide information to the parking system. That is why it’s fundamental for complete parking solutions to have LPR cameras as a part of their process. Why? Because the most essential information on a vehicle is its license number: it’s what enables operators to link it with a specific owner and their actions in the parking facility.

Shopping malls and access control

Oftentimes, shoppers choose one mall over another because of the parking. Having a clean, well-lit and automated parking garage that generates a positive user experience will always be a good reason to choose a shopping mall. Parking facilities are key because they are the first and last place customers experience when they go to a mall in their own vehicle.

In other words, parking facilities are the first impression that’s made on customers visiting a mall, and also the last. A bad first impression, as well as a negative feeling at the end of the shopping mall experience are significant factors for mall owners. Quercus Technologies now has a great number of shopping malls among its customers. Some examples are the Centre Comercial Glòries in Barcelona, the Mall Barrio Independencia in Chile or the Woodbury Common Premium Outlets of New York.

If the process of accessing, parking in and leaving the facility is pleasant, safe and features a smart access control system it will be easier to attract customers and make them loyal. With the information gathered thanks to license plate recognition software, it is possible to generate reports on the usage of the parking garage and behavior of users to help operators make decisions, increase their revenue and reduce overheads.


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