10 Aug 2021

License plate recognition in Lisbon

Quercus Technologies' SmartLPR Access LPR system reads the license plates of vehicles entering and leaving the parking facilities of this famous city square in the Portuguese capital. The Luís de Camoes Square parking facility, operated by Empark, has automatic access with license plate recognition for its more than 340 subway parking spaces.  

For total control of vehicles in the parking premises, identifying the license plate number of a vehicle with a specific use of the facilities is essential. In this way, the LPR system becomes an irreplaceable link in intelligent parking systems

Boosting the parking experience and easing accessibility to the parking lot are the main objectives of both the integrator and Quercus Technologies' license plate recognition cameras. The automatic access control system also ensures efficient parking access management and increased profits.


How does an ANPR camera help enhance the user experience?

Avoiding queuing in the process of accessing a parking facility is fundamental to a good user experience for drivers. The fewer interactions users have to perform, the better. It is therefore optimal for access to be streamlined and automated, so as not to hinder the entry of vehicles into the parking lot.

The same is true when it comes to paying for a parking stay. If at the time of payment, the driver can make the transaction without touching any surface or ticket or just by entering his license plate number and the parking system recognizes it, even better.  

ANPR cameras automate and control parking access and allow automatic access to those drivers who have booked online, prior to arriving at the facility. The license plate reading integrated in the access control system allows the automatic opening of the parking barrier.

Our SmartLPR Access license plate recognition is designed for easy integration with third-party parking systems. The LPR system enables the operator to generate statistics and reports, which help you to optimize your parking facilities.


Security in parking with LPR system

License plate recognition cameras provide control and security, as we have already mentioned, in the entry and exit lanes of the parking facility with license plates from all over the world. However, there are many more benefits to these intelligent access control solutions for the parking operator. License plate reading makes it possible to prevent fraud and the exchange of tickets between different drivers who have parked in the same parking lot, and even to detect the theft or loss of tickets.

At the same time, the LPR system provides information on the status of vehicles entering and leaving the parking lot, making it easier to avoid false claims such as damages caused outside the facilities that may be related to the vehicle's stay in the parking lot. Facility managers control all the lanes that access the parking lot and control all the data of interest, considerably increasing security in the parking lot.

Another example would be loyalty strategies for recurring customers of the parking lot. If the license plate of a specific vehicle is read in a specific time slot with a specific frequency, a discount can be applied with the aim of building the loyalty of that user. These marketing strategies give the parking lot operator a free hand to increase its profits and ensure a loyal and happy clientele.


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