19 Nov 2018

Matinga airport now has SmartLPR Access number plate recognition cameras

Six new SmartLPR Access number plate recognition cameras have been installed at the entrances and exits of the car park at Maringa Regional Airport, a major regional airport in the federal state of Paraná in southern Brazil.

With the aim of achieving a supreme parking experience for the user, they chose to rely on Quercus Technologies' parking management system. The recognition units enable the number plates of the vehicles entering and leaving the car park to be identified and their movements recorded at all times. In this way, it is possible to automate entry and exit accesses to the car park, avoid queues that hinder good traffic flow and allow for advance booking of spaces.

All the information collected by the SmartLPR Access units is recorded on the Quercus Technologies parking management software platform. This makes it possible to have at hand all the data required to draw up reports and generate statistics, so that the operator can implement improvements and ensure good parking management.


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