19 Dec 2018

New reference in International Airport Pinto Martins in Fortaleza, Brazil

Pinto Martins International Airport in Fortaleza is now equipped with 6 SmartLPR Access license plate reading cameras at the entrances and exits of the parking lot to increase security and control of the parking lot. In addition, this high-tech license plate detector solution can help any car parking lot to reach a higher level, offering a better customer experience.

The license plate detectors, installed at the entrances and exits of Pinto Martins International Airport, contribute to improving the experience of drivers parking in the airport parking lot. The license plate detector is part of the access control system, which guarantees parking operators and the owner efficient management and a considerable increase in profits, while providing a comfortable user experience.

The user experience is understood with the automation of parking access, facilitating the driver's parking process. With the license plate detector, accessing the facility is much easier. The ANPR camera automates and controls parking lot entrances and exits. Drivers can even reserve their space online before going to the airport, ensuring a space and the convenience and security that a pre-booking offers, all thanks to the license plate detector that interprets the license plate of the vehicle they have reserved.


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