1 Jun 2018

New reference in Portugal

We are proud to announce that the Lisbon Casino is now equipped with 4 SmartLPR Access number plate recognition units, offering more control and greater security to the parking facilities. The Casino Lisboa is located in Parque das Nações, in the city of Lisbon. At the time of opening it offered around 700 slot machines, 22 gaming tables, 4 bars, 3 restaurants and a theatre with a capacity of 600 people. 

As it is known, a casino is a place where the control and security of each person in the establishment must prevail. For this reason, the Lisbon Casino decided to rely on Quercus Technologies to enhance the security and flow of traffic in its car park.

Currently, the number plate recognition units installed in the car park offer the possibility of identifying the number plates of all vehicles entering or leaving the premises, recording each of the movements that take place. The high level of skill and reliability of these cameras guarantees automation at the car park's entrances and exits, reducing queues and allowing for the reservation of spaces.   


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