26 May 2022

Quercus license plate recognition units are now monitoring access points at the Mediterranean Cosmos

Mediterranean Cosmos is a shopping mall located in east Thessaloniki, Greece’s second-largest city, and a well-known business and entertainment hub of the Balkans. It features over 200 retail premises, including a cinema and a wide range of clothing shops, in addition to cafés, restaurants, bars, and supermarkets. There is even an amphitheater with capacity for 400 spectators and an Eastern Orthodox Church.

Shopping centers have become places designed to ensure overall customer well-being. Today, their mission is to offer a wide range of offerings fine-tuned to customers’ needs and preferences. With the heavy traffic of daily visitors to such leisure and entertainment venues, the importance of a positive parking experience, one that provides a range of security measures and, with them, user security, cannot be underestimated. That is why the installation of an entry control system that logs every user entering and exiting the premises is one of the key goals in promoting a much safer, controlled parking model. Now, thanks to ANPR units, parking facility operators can have complete certainty that any irregularity committed by a user will be detected as quickly as possible.

For that reason, the smart parking solution recommended for the Mediterranean Cosmos consisted of installing SmartLPR Access license plate recognition units at the entry and exit points of the parking facility. Through the automatic recognition of their license plates, these units can monitor and identify the entry and exit of vehicles at the 22 entrance and exit points of the premises.

Capacities of an automatic parking management system

A license plate recognition system is capable of compiling all information on who the user is, and how and when they enter or leave the facility, even if they remain within a single facility for a specific period of time.

Additionally, automatic number plate recognition units can integrate two cameras per lane, for a double license plate reading (HRR). This way, a system can be built that combines the readings from both cameras, and operates an image interpretation system that raises reliability rates to nearly 100%, as external factors such as dirt, weather, and temperature changes that could affect the plate become irrelevant.

Then, the Quercus software transfers the image and recognition information to the parking system, and logs all the data compiled by our equipment. This way, once the user finishes their visit to the shopping center, and they wish to leave the parking garage, the system checks the information provided by our readers against the records generated, and lifts the access control barrier. It is a dynamic, automated way to improve users’ overall parking experience.

License plate recognition empowers operators to get an overall idea of their customers’ usage patterns. With this information, they can create detailed reports that help find ongoing improvements, and achieve the optimal configuration for their parking facility. 


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