24 Jan 2018

Quercus Staff Together at the Annual Corporate Meeting

Our corporate culture favors dialogue, brainstorming and networking with colleagues. That is why, at the beginning of each year, we celebrate our annual meeting, which brings together all Quercus teams from headquarters and subsidiaries. We had fruitful meetings during which we analyzed the 2017 results and defined the business strategy for the year ahead.

Achieving a well-integrated, motivated and satisfied team is not an easy task, especially when the competition is so fierce. That is why at Quercus Technologies we believe that it is of vital importance to meet periodically in order to unite the knowledge of the different departments that make up the company and share experiences, thoughts and doubts among all. In this way, the level of performance increases and the whole team works together towards a common goal. 

Our annual meetings are aimed at making an exhaustive follow-up of the tasks previously carried out, to propose new strategies and to report any out-of-plan situation that may have occurred during that period of time. In addition, the meetings involving all employees guarantee total control of the processes being carried out, facilitating the contribution of solutions and increasing trust and a close relationship between department managers and employees.


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