4 Dec 2020

The Oakland Mall Guatemalan shopping center already benefits from the global parking solution by Quercus Technologies, with a 99.6% success rate in vehicle detection at its facilities

The key to efficient car parking management is to increase mobility and make sure that said mobility is quick and orderly so that customers find available parking spaces or particular parking spaces in the shortest time possible. This was one of the main needs of the Oakland Mall, one of the most prestigious shopping centers in Guatemala. It has a unique commercial mix with entertainment for young people and adults through its more than 200 commercial concepts. The 2,432 parking spaces that make up the parking lot of one of the most luxurious shopping centers in Guatemala City are monitored and controlled thanks to the parking guidance system offered by Quercus Technologies. 

A test conducted by Quercus Technologies at the Oakland Mall parking facility proves the effectiveness of sensor vehicle detection and the efficiency of the indoor parking guidance system. Upon analyzing the different levels of parking facilities that make up the shopping center's car park, the outstanding 99.6% success rate in vehicle detection shows that Quercus Technologies' technology is at the forefront and among the most effective technologies in the car park market. It is comparable to any traditional ultrasound or laser system, but with the added value in security and surveillance that the camera-based parking guidance system provides.

With the global parking control solutions, the facilities also benefit from the surveillance offered by the parking sensors and the tracking of the vehicles in their spaces thanks to the reading of license plates in each of the parking spaces. A total of 1,080 SC Indoor sensors, developed by Quercus Technologies, have been installed in the shopping center, together with the partner Global Genius and the real estate developer Spectrum. These units are an exceptional tool that provides license plate recognition for each parking space, a highly reliable parking guidance system and video surveillance for each parking space, thus contributing to vehicle control and providing maximum security to the parking spaces. The operation of the parking sensor is easy and intelligible for the user’s experience. The SC Indoor color indicates the availability of up to 4 parking spaces. That is, if the sensor light is red it means that there are no spots available and if it is green, it means that one or more of those spots which are controlled by the sensor are unoccupied. 

The Oakland Mall already uses the Quercus Technologies light per parking space system, an option that reinforces the availability indication with an RGB light in each of the parking spaces. This makes it possible to give drivers more information about the availability of parking spaces and help them find their place. 

As far as outdoor areas are concerned, Quercus Technologies' outdoor parking guidance system - LPR Area - is the perfect complement to the indoor guidance system, allowing vehicles to be located and guided to outdoor areas. SmartLPR Access cameras read the license plates of vehicles entering and leaving the outdoor areas, this way, the system knows exactly which vehicles are in the area and whether there is availability for parking.

There were 20 kiosks included as well, provided by Quercus Technologies, as part of Quercus Technologies' indoor guidance solution. These kiosks allow the user to locate the parking space in which they parked upon arrival, as this is often forgotten after spending several hours inside the shopping center. In order to find the vehicle, one must simply input the license plate number or the date and time the car was parked into the kiosk's screen. Once the information is entered, the system application will show the image of the best recognition and the image of the vehicle occupying the spot. Below the image is the information about the occupied spot and the area to which it belongs. The vehicle's location on the parking lot map can also be seen, including the outdoor areas controlled by LPR Area.

In conclusion, through its strategic parking solutions, the camera-based parking guidance system from Quercus Technologies makes it possible to increase mobility and security in parking facilities, to centralize data and integrate it into an in-house parking software platform, to benefit from improving the user experience and to integrate it with any of the other systems used by the customer.


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