10 Mar 2017

SmartLPR Access NA Now at San Leandro Tech Campus

Quercus Technologies keeps on the good track and presents a new project at San Leandro Tech Campus. Westlake Urban’s San Leandro Tech Campus and it is a 750,000 square-foot, technology-focused, mixed-use development located next to the Downtown San Leandro BART Station. The SLTC includes a six-story office building and parking facilities with 400 parking spaces.

Our SmartLPR Access NA units for license plate recognition are placed at the entries and exits of the parking garage, allowing vehicle access based on license plate information. The intelligent LPR devices with embedded OCR capture the license plate of the vehicle that enters the parking lot and store it into the system. At exit, SmartLPR Access NA compares the license plate of the vehicle with the one at entry and if it matches, the vehicle can leave the parking facilities. Our SmartLPR Access NA units provide high license plate recognition rates even for complex plates as the ones in the US.

Quercus Technologies manufactures and markets smart vehicle detection units based on advanced computer vision algorithms, which aim at improving mobility and security in parking facilities. Quercus products are based on highly technological computer vision algorithms, it markets its LPR units exclusively to system integrators with the aim of helping them to achieve maximum benefit from all their products and contribute to the success of projects. Quercus provides customers with added-value services such as certificate professional training and on-site technical support to help them to get the most of our leading edge technology.

For more information, check out our press release here. 


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