23 Jun 2016

SC Indoor Sensor for maximum control and security at each parking spot

Check out our latest news to find out how SC Indoor can increase control and security and provide added value to car parks. Discover the advanced applications provided by the Spot Control capability in BirdWatch Parking Suite and how they increase parking profitability and management, security and customer satisfaction. These sensors are units that provide information about the exact location of the vehicle in the car park by recognising the number plate of each vehicle, the availability of the spaces and video surveillance in each space. 

The SC Indoor sensors control up to a total of 4 parking spaces and can be adapted to all types of facilities. In addition, they provide precise data for intelligent applications, such as finding your vehicle and booking places for VIP customers.

Another feature of these sensors for car parking systems is that it allows you to set different rates depending on the type of parking space and location, for example, parking spaces of different sizes and closer to the entrances and exits of the premises. You can register the clients number plates and assign them special places. In addition, you can use the special LED panels for easy identification of the various parking spaces. An excellent idea to offer different advantages and increase customer loyalty.


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