4 Oct 2021

The Haramain High-speed Railway, outfitted with 45 LPR cameras from Quercus Technologies

The Haramain, or Mecca-Medina, High-speed Railway connects Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia, by rail. This ambitious rail project, characterized by a futuristic architectural design, features state of the art technology throughout, and Quercus Technologies as the supplier of license plate recognition software in its parking facilities. A total of 45 SmartLPR Access license plate recognition cameras have been installed by Idex Services along the Haramain high-speed railway. 

Jeddah Train Station is located in the An Nassim district, 20 kilometers from King Abdulaziz International Airport. The station’s parking facility handles some 6,000 vehicles every day, with its 11 entrances and 8 exits, and 19 Quercus Technologies LPR cameras that read the license plates of incoming and outgoing vehicles. 

KAEC (King Abdullah Economic City) Station, located at one of the entry points to the city, 18 kilometers from King Abdullah Port, has 12 entry and exit lanes at its parking facility, which is used daily by some 1,400 vehicles. There are six recognition cameras to read the license plates of vehicles coming in, and six more for those leaving the parking facility.

Last, Medina High-speed Train Station is located in the Al Hadra District, nine kilometers from the city of Medina. The station has parking capacity for around 1,000 vehicles, with eight access and six exit lanes. Overall, 14 LPR cameras have been installed in this part of the project.

Arabic License Plate in Haramain High-speed Railway

Arabic license plates recognized with our LPR cameras

License plate recognition is a useful way to monitor automatic access to parking facilities, and provide camera-based guidance systems that read the license plates of vehicles parked in every space. The Quercus Technologies license plate recognition software enables the recognition of Arabic license plates. The software can interpret the Arabic alphabet, and its reliability rate in Middle Eastern countries is constantly getting better. This means that countries of the region can benefit from the wide range of parking solutions that Quercus Technologies offers.

Quercus Technologies’ Research & Development team works every day to improve the company’s products and license plate recognition in every region and country in the world. This year, the team has worked to include updates and improvements in the countries of Kazakhstan and Oman and others, countries that share calligraphy and grammar, which could lead to failures when distinguishing between them.

This company believes in the importance of the customer and in providing product improvements and updates. This facilitates a constant adaptation for customers around the world, and by doing so, enhances the user experience. 


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