19 Nov 2020

The license plate recognition camera by Quercus Technologies, SmartLPR Access, controls the accesses and exits of the Air Force Hospital in Chile

A total of 4 license plate recognition cameras have been installed at the Air Force Medical Center located in Las Condes, a district in the northeast side of the city of Santiago, Chile. It is a well-known fact that the parking lot is one of the most important facilities in both medical centers and hospitals, as it is a busy place where workers, families and patients meet.

For this reason, it is essential to have easy access to the premises, especially for the elderly or for people with reduced mobility, since optimal access means not having to wait and thus not obstructing the passage of the center workers.

The parking access control cameras created by Quercus Technologies are the necessary tool for the number plate recognition of vehicles that come in and out of the building. Thus contributing to increased security in the car park and guaranteeing total control of access to the car park. 

This equipment prevents long queues from forming at the center's entrances and exits, and automates the access of health workers' vehicles to the car park. Quercus Technologies' cameras offer very practical functionalities for parking lots of this type of center, and they become the basic and effective principle in the guidance system for parking lots where not wasting time is essential.


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