3 Mar 2021

The Quercus Technologies access control units for parking are now controlling the entries and exits of the HGO

The Hospital Garcia de Orta, located in Lisboa, looks after an estimated population of 350,000 inhabitants from the Portuguese municipalities of Almada and Seixal. Additionally, due to its continuous improvement and its prestige, the HGO has been cataloged as the only Central Hospital in the southern bank of the Tagus river.  This important clinical center, which has always striven to be one of the top centers in Portugal, has invested in the parking intelligent technology and given its parking area, made up of around 1056 spots, an added value of innovation and security. 

Quercus Technologies offers its clients one of the most technologically advanced systems for controlling the flow of vehicles at car park entries and exits by recognizing license plates even in external parking facilities like this one. A total amount of 9 Quercus Technologies SmartLPR Access license plate recognition cameras have been placed in the entire car park. 

LPR cameras help medical workers and hospital users drive easily and quickly inside the facility, and they also provide more control of the vehicles that go in and out of the parking lot and in the control areas. Such a prominent hospital as HGO knows the importance of being assisted by an access control system of this kind, in places where time is essential and any drawback or time waste while parking can cause conflict.


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