16 Sep 2020

The Vértice Valinhos condominium is now using an access control system from Quercus Technologies

The SmartLPR Access cameras are licence plate recognition units developed and manufactured by Quercus Technologies and are an effective system for controlling the entry and exit of vehicles to and from the car park of a facility. In the case of the Vértice Valinhos condominium in Brazil, the need to increase security and improve access control in the car park was essential to ensure the comfort and peace of mind of office workers and the inhabitants of the condominium.

The Vértice business condominium was opened in 2009 and is at the forefront of its sector in terms of security, location and practicality. It is close to large companies, shops and a network of hotels, and has transformed the area into a fantastic business centre for the city of Valinhos. It currently has 3 commercial towers, with rooms ranging from 38 to 45 square metres, and more than 290 private units.

Vértice Valinhos has now joined the long list of other condominiums that use Quercus cameras to control access to their car parks. Some of the other complexes that are already using this system include Corporate Park, Santo Amaro Mall and Vista Verde Office, three of the most important condominiums in São Paulo.


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