4 May 2018

Vilnius University Hospital now has number plate recognition cameras

More than 25 access lanes of the Vilnius Santaros Klinikos University Hospital now provide more control and security in the car park thanks to the SmartLPR Access devices. The number plate recognition cameras provided by Quercus Technologies have integrated OCR, a user-friendly interface and offer a plus in security to the car park of one of the largest hospitals in Lithuania.

A hospital is one of the most busy places you can find, that's why optimal parking management is a must in a place where it is very important not to hinder the passage of both healthcare professionals and patients. The number plate recognition units developed by Quercus Technologies are a powerful All-in-One tool that provides everything needed for optimum recognition of the number plates of vehicles entering and leaving the hospital. This equipment allows the automation of access to the car park for healthcare workers, avoiding queues and allowing the fluidity of the vehicles.


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