11 Aug 2022

Why should you implement a smart parking system?

Smart parking solutions contribute to improving users’ quality of life, simplifying their day-to-day lives, reducing fuel consumption and pollution levels while alleviating traffic in urban areas. As they facilitate the process of finding an available parking space in public and private facilities, these parking systems also make traffic more fluid, bringing convenience to users and enhancing their experience.

Thanks to digitization, smart parking systems are beginning to offer solutions that expedite mobility and automation. This is why a growing number of niche markets such as shopping malls, airports, hospitals, universities and others are making the decision to implement methods that manage their parking facilities in an efficient, optimal way.

Deploying parking management technology improves operational efficiency, simplifying traffic flows in cities and offering drivers a more comfortable and safe experience, in addition to enabling them to save time. The ongoing technological contributions being made to the parking industry add up to an ever-increasing number of parking applications oriented toward improving driver mobility. For parking facility operators who want to bring convenience to their users, the most suitable choice is a parking facility with the latest guidance and ANPR system technology, as these give users a type of information and advantages that they would not have if they had decided to park in a more conventional facility.

Advantages provided by advanced parking management systems

  • Improved user experience

License plate recognition units facilitate a quicker entrance and exit from the parking facility, especially for employees who work on the premises and customers with reservations. On another note, that parking facility guidance systems enable operators to know exactly how many vehicles are in a facility at any given time is fundamental for high-quality traffic management. Parking sensors can detect whether a space is free or occupied, and guide the user to the closest available space, which facilitates management for drivers.

  • Increased control and security

Parking management systems can offer drivers higher levels of security, protection, and privacy. Guidance and LPR systems empower operators to monitor all users entering or leaving the parking facility. In the event of fraud, theft, fake accident reports or damages to other vehicles, the detailed video surveillance that the parking sensors provide will be of invaluable assistance to solve the matter immediately.

What’s more, thanks to license plate recognition units, it is possible to have a “contactless” parking experience, something highly positive in light of the current circumstances.

  • Data collection

With the information gathered by the sensors and LPR units, operators can generate reports on facility usage, vehicle rotation, stay times, the time required to reach the space or exit of the facility, etc. The ability to obtain reliable information on everything that happens in the parking facility is an important factor to bear in mind, as it is possible to guarantee much more effective decision-making and reliable metrics.

  • Time and cost savings

Smart parking technologies can help drivers save time and money. This is because when drivers enter the parking area at a time of heavy vehicle congestion, it may take them several minutes to find a free parking space, leading to time wasted in the search. Not only that, driving for miles in search of a parking space means wasting fuel, and unnecessarily running up costs. Facilitating vehicle traffic toward available spaces will do away with traffic jams and cut down parking space search times to the minimum.

  • Reserving parking spaces

This eases traffic fluidity at entrances and exits, and improves the user experience to an even greater degree, in addition to being a competitive advantage for the parking operator.


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