18 Jan 2023

Big Data is taking parking facilities to the next level

The emergence of smart parking systems and new technologies focused on improving the parking experience have made the digitalization of parking operations inevitable. All of the data generated by equipment installed in the parking facility, such as license plate recognition cameras, vehicle presence sensors, smart parking counters, geolocalization devices, etc. can generate information useful for management and decision-making. Reports on traffic and occupancy times, turnover, heat maps, travel times between points of interest, etc. are already frequently used by many operators to optimize vehicle flow, streamline decision-making and have, in short, efficient management that maximizes return on investment in technology for the parking facility.

Today, the parking sector already has software platforms that use Big Data tools to help operators measure and quickly and effectively determine what strategies to deploy, both in their day-to-day and in the mid and long term. These data can be analyzed and organized in such a way that the operator can understand and predict parking users’ behavior patterns, which makes not only for improvement in user experience, but greater loyalty, operational optimization and maximum profitability.

The purpose of Big Data is to compile and manage high volumes of diverse data. Once these data are stored, managed and interpreted, the possibilities for analysis are limitless. But correctly choosing the most relevant information and guaranteeing a positive user experience is now our greatest challenge.

That cities are beginning to move to offer mobility solutions based on Big Data shows that there can be growth in sustainability and efficiency that will be much higher than expected. This major change is a clear example of how parking technology is bringing valuable benefits for people, and helping build the capacity of Smart Cities; those that are equipped with organizational measures based on technology and communication, focused on improving service management and residential quality.

As parking operators in niche markets like universities, airports, and shopping malls continue to put their trust in this type of software platform, they will optimize vehicle rotation and prices of parking garages. An efficiently-managed parking facility in a high-user traffic area means that drivers won’t lose as much time searching for an available parking space, which will cut down on CO2 emissions and reduce traffic congestion on the parking premises.

Data management has become an indispensable tool in many sectors. Thanks to the compilation of information, it is possible to identify user behavior, and by doing so, continue improving and offering solutions perfectly adapted to their preferences and needs. When analyzed correctly, they can become the added value that makes the difference for your company.

Data management with BirdWatch, the key to increasing occupancy

BirdWatch, Quercus’ parking platform is intuitive, easy-to-use software that enables parking operators to have information in real-time on the occupancy of their facilities, classifying it by areas, and also on an overall basis for the entire parking facility. This meets operators’ need for enhanced parking management, and complete, exclusive control over their facility.

Integration of the parking suite gives the user a comprehensive overview of all vehicle activity inside the parking facility, as well as the power to analyze those data efficiently to continually discover improvement opportunities.

At Quercus, we want to show the power of big data analysis for a parking system, and the relevant role that the parking facility operator has in guaranteeing the best experience for the end user. A positive customer experience is vital for the sustained growth of any parking business, as it strengthens loyalty and helps retain customers.


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