23 Jun 2020

Brazilian condominiums choose Quercus Technologies to be equipped with license plate reading units

The LPR cameras by Quercus Technologies, with their All-in-One technology, ensure a detailed control of all vehicles going in and out of the parking lots. They provide information on the date and hour of entry and exit, the licenses that were in the parking facilities during a certain amount of time or the frequency with which they used the facilities during a time period

Several Brazilian condominiums have decided to have license plate recognition cameras installed and they chose the ones manufactured by Quercus Technologies. Some of them are the famous Paulinista Corporate Park or Santo Amaro Mall, and, the most recent, Vista Verde Offices.

Vista Verde Offices Case Study

Vista Verde Offices condominium, in São Paulo, has equipped its parking facilities with six license plate recognition cameras by Quercus Technologies, which control the almost 30.000m2 of parking lots serving the houses in the area. The condominium has 5 office towers, corporate villas, a shopping area and other services, and several meeting rooms and concert halls for specialists. 

The six SmartLPR Access have been installed in Vista Verde in software mode, an operation mode that enables the client application to inform the LPR camera of a vehicle presence; this triggers the immediate capture and processing of the image of the vehicle with the recognized license plate. The result is then sent to the client's application.

LPR parking system at entry/exit points of the parking facilities insures a thorough control of all the movements of the vehicles that go in and out and, what is more, it offers enhanced security and fraud and theft prevention. Moreover, thanks to the high reliability and to the  access detection points, our LPR devices prevent queues and contribute to a smoother traffic.


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