27 Sep 2021

Quercus Technologies launches their Knowledge Base

Quercus Technologies is now offering customers a Knowledge Base platform, the result of the know-how and experience accumulated over more than 20 years, since the founding of the company. The new website has been developed with the goal of providing clearly-explained responses to customers, leveraging the company’s many years of experience answering questions and solving problems on the parking market.

By better understanding the customer, installer and parking facility operator, it is possible to answer their questions and solve their problems quickly and efficiently, thanks to the articles published on the web platform: texts that are written, supervised and updated continuously by the Customer Service staff.

Our experience in the mobility and parking sector, added to the long professional track record of our customer service team, have enabled us to build a platform that will host a vast knowledge base, with the purpose of providing the resources necessary for our customers, and helping resolve their queries.

The Knowledge Base was born as a response from the Customer Service department to group together the most frequently-asked questions received from our customers in their feedback. The platform features the FAQs and the answers proposed by the department from a standpoint that is clearer and more dynamic than usually found in conventional product documents.

Customer experience as the number one priority of Quercus Technologies

To ensure a more thorough understanding, pictures and screen-shots have been added to the articles for guidance purposes. In short, these are step-by-step guides to clear up any doubts and easily, simply and quickly configure our products and solutions. In addition, the search engine in the menu bar lets users easily and simply find the FAQ’s they need by using keywords. There is no need to pore over a dense manual to clear up questions about a specific scenario, or an urgent issue.

Likewise, and in the spirit of showing the content clearly and comprehensibly, the Knowledge Base is arranged in three main sections that group all of the information on the three main products of Quercus Technologies. On one hand, the SmartLPR Access license plate recognition cameras, versions 3 and 4. On another, the SC Indoor guidance system and to conclude, the section on the BirdWatch parking software platform.

The categories system groups the articles by type, under different tags. For example, the Knowledge Base groups all of the articles featuring configuration questions and guidance under the Configuration category. The same applies to the rest of the categories: Troubleshooting, Licensing, Integration, Installation and Other.


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