10 Aug 2023

The Norfolk Southern Headquarters, now equipped with the Quercus guided parking solution

The 1,700 parking spaces of the Norfolk Southern Headquarters, located in Atlanta, are now managed by the Quercus Technologies guided parking system. The installation of such technology enables the centralization of all the information generated and actions that occur in a parking facility. In addition to adding layers of security to the headquarters parking facility, and putting control in the hands of the operator, the system also expedites mobility at entrances, exits and in its interior. This helps cut down on the use of paper, and generation of pollutant emissions by users’ vehicles.

As the country’s main rail manufacturer, Norfolk Southern Corporation plays a key role as a driver of the United States economy. The decision to set up its new headquarters in Atlanta is proof of their will to make the most of the technological talent offered by this rapidly-growing city. Norfolk’s headquarters are in a modern building that features a number of facilities, reinforcing its position as a forerunning business center. The use of advanced technological solutions on its premises, such as the parking guidance system, shows Norfolk Southern’s commitment to innovation and efficiency.

That is why a building of this size could only have a parking system that matched these expectations. The 740 SC Indoor camera-based parking guidance sensors installed in the parking facility provide optimal guidance for users entering the premises. This dynamic system makes parking less stressful for drivers, also saving them time and fuel. With this configuration, the facility ensures lower levels of environmentally-toxic emissions, enhanced automation, security, and mobility throughout the premises. Not only do the sensors provide information on the available spaces according to the color shown, they also convey the data necessary to know what type of parking spaces are accessible to drivers. These could be spaces reserved for individuals with reduced mobility, VIP users, or for families with small children.

Among its many features, Quercus includes different types of LED display panels that offer real-time information on the number of spaces available in the parking garage and where to find them in a quick and simple way. To equip their facility with even greater autonomy, Norfolk Southern Corporation added 69 LED matrix information panels at different strategic points in the building parking area. What’s more, installation of these components is quick and simple, and adaptable to all kinds of support mechanisms.

The positive impact of the technology implemented at Norfolk’s headquarters is reflected in its outstanding economic growth. Atlanta has undergone a diversification process of key sectors such as finances, technology, health care and logistics, consolidating it as a leading financial and business center in the United States. What’s more, its strategic location makes it a key connection and logistics hub. Atlanta has also made notable progress in innovation and education, and is now home to numerous technology companies, prestigious academic institutions and research programs. This constant economic growth continues to attract investments and talent to the city.

Centralization of the information and integration

These products, which are part of the comprehensive parking solution concept provided by Quercus Technologies, centralize all of their resources in BirdWatch, the brand’s parking software platform. With BirdWatch, the operator manages and monitors the parking facility in a way that optimizes the configuration and generates statistics that measure the outcomes provided by the system. This all-encompassing platform is a tool conceived to provide users with the highest levels of control and convenience, while minimizing operating costs for the facility.

Without a doubt, by using expert parking management technology, operators enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having an entirely controlled parking facility, optimized down to the last detail. It is the perfect system to meet the needs of drivers who regularly use the facility, as well as those of the operator, who receives all the information necessary to keep everything under control.

The Quercus Technologies team works day to day for all of its products to feature easy integration with third party wares, offering high levels of compatibility in installation and operation, which makes them very user-friendly for our customers around the world.


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