22 Jun 2023

Current trends in the parking industry

Thanks to constantly-evolving technological advancements, the parking industry has seen significant progress in recent years. Parking management systems have progressed to become more efficient, safe and convenient, offering innovative solutions to face the challenges of urban mobility. In this context, Quercus Technologies, a leading company in the development of smart parking solutions, is at the forefront of current industry trends.

  • Parking guidance sensors

One of the most relevant innovations in the parking industry has been the implementation of occupancy sensors and guidance systems. These devices use detection technology to monitor the availability of parking spaces in real time. This way, drivers can find available parking spaces quickly and efficiently, cutting the time spent hunting for a space, and with it, traffic congestion throughout the parking garage.

Quercus has integrated parking guidance sensors into its software management platform, enabling parking facility operators to collect accurate data on parking space occupancy in real time. SC Indoor parking sensors feature functionalities that go beyond the basic purpose of guiding drivers to available parking spaces. Their versatility is shown in the fact that they enable a video surveillance system integrated into every parking space, detection of parked vehicles, and the possibility to accurately identify every license plate. These parking sensors not only inform on the availability of each parking space, they also show the type of space required, such as those for persons with reduced mobility, families, electric vehicles or spaces reserved for VIP parking.

This empowers parking facility operators to optimize the management of spaces, implement dynamic pricing strategies and improve user experience by providing updated information on the availability of parking spaces.

  • Integration of license plate recognition technology in security systems

Another major trend in the parking industry is the integration of license plate recognition systems at parking facility access points. ANPR systems can be used to identify authorized or unauthorized vehicles in the parking facility. It is possible to integrate them with other security systems, like video-surveillance or access control.

Quercus has developed high-precision license plate detection units that can be easily integrated with third party products. This enables the parking garage operators to have greater control and security in their infrastructure, while also bettering automation and vehicle management.

  • Mobile applications for payment and reservation of spaces

The use of mobile applications for the payment and reservation of parking spaces is another growing trend in the industry. Mobile applications offer a convenient user experience, as they enable drivers to reserve and pay for parking spaces quickly and easily by using their mobile devices.

  • Ticketless systems: an improved user experience

Ticketless systems bring about a number of benefits over traditional paper ticket-based models. First, these systems are the keys to more efficient parking management, as they do away with the need to print, distribute and collect tickets. This reduces the operating costs and time that users have to dedicate to these management steps.

The user experience is also improved, as there is no need for customers to keep track of tickets while their vehicle is parked in the facility. Instead, users can enter and exit the parking facility without ever worrying about tickets, which really expedites the process and relieves stress.

From a parking facility operator standpoint, these systems also facilitate more professional management of the parking facility. License plate detection systems automatically record the entry and exit of vehicles, leading to thorough access control and effective billing.

  • Dynamic pricing: a trend to watch

Dynamic pricing is another emerging trend in the parking market. This system involves adjusting prices according to the demand for parking at any given time (hour, day, season, etc.). This can be achieved through the use of occupancy sensors in the parking space and data analysis systems to compile information on parking facility occupancy over time.

For parking facility operators, dynamic pricing can be a way to maximize income and guarantee that parking spaces are used efficiently. What’s more, by adjusting the prices in real time, operators can quickly respond to changes in demand and consequently adjust their strategies.

  • Parking management software platforms: efficiency and control

Parking management platforms are a parking industry trend that empowers parking operators to achieve greater efficiency and control over their facilities. These platforms deploy smart parking technology to compile and analyze data in real time on parking availability, traffic flow and other relevant items. 

Quercus has developed its own parking management platform, known as BirdWatch, which provides operators with a comprehensive, advanced solution for optimal parking facility management. 


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