17 May 2022

Customer Service at Quercus Technologies: Roles and targets

The situation we have lived through over the past few years has accentuated the importance of the often-difficult task of continuing to provide excellent remote support, and ensuring that the user experience remains fulfilling.

The Customer Service department at Quercus Technologies could be likened to an all-terrain vehicle. The company bases its business on selling its own products, and offering services related with them. Therefore, the department's day-to-day reality might involve assisting customers by answering technical questions they have about the products, handling incidents, managing equipment under warranty and advising customers in the design of an installation project until its start-up.

The team is staffed by five technicians to be able to cover all the time zones across the world. Two technicians based in the main offices in Reus, another at the Barcelona office and two more—one in Latin America, and another in the United States—strive to provide rapid, high-quality and personalized service to customers and partners. The main goal of Customer Service is to provide immediate service, so that customers can get enough support to progress with their installation, or at a minimum, make sure the product is operational as soon as possible.


Providing quality through a well-defined work flow

Internally, the Customer Service department takes responsibility for reporting the main product-related issues through an incident management software. Working in collaboration with the R&D team, possible faults are analyzed, and prioritized for resolution depending on their severity. What's more, thanks to the feedback received from customers, possible improvements are reported on for integration into new product versions, which are later evaluated and added as new functions.

In addition to providing customer service by phone and e-mail, the team also uses the channels offered by different software providers, whether it be TeamViewer, Google Suite, Anydesk, etc. The team also performs commissioning services, traveling to customer facilities to verify installations or contribute know-how for installation and configuration of the products acquired.

Another of the department's strong suits is its close cooperation with the Quercus sales team. Good communication between these two departments provides both of them with insights on customer needs, and all that can be done to cover them, in the form of training sessions given by the customer service department, and product commissioning.

At Quercus Technologies, we believe that excellent customer-oriented service is underpinned by professionalism, empathy, and commitment to customers. These are some of the key traits that often explain why our customers have chosen us. The Customer Service department's commitment enables a more fluid and targeted work flow, prioritizing customer requirements and providing impeccable, high-quality service.


Xavier Vizcaíno
Customer Service at Quercus Technologies


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