17 May 2021

International companies in pandemic times

International companies face challenges in the pandemic: quality, delivery times and unit repairs in an extraordinary era. The extraordinary pandemic situation is marking our current reality at every level. The pandemic has had, and will continue to have, an impact on the prices and supply of materials worldwide. 

Quercus Technologies has evaluated the potential consequences of this situation, and the prevention possibilities that exist. Along these lines, it has worked internally to prevent the stock outages that may cause delays in delivery times, and avoid price hikes that can have an impact on our customers.

The outcome of these efforts is that, until now, we've not only met the standard delivery times established before the pandemic, but also, when any of our customers has needed an urgent supply of equipment, we've been able to deliver that equipment in a shorter-than-standard time frame. We've done this because our goal is to help our customers; we believe their needs are our number one priority.


Quality, our main goal and key aspiration

Maintenance of quality in our products and services is the core belief on which Quercus Technologies and its team base their work. The company devotes major efforts and resources to Research and Development (R&D), Quality Control and the ongoing improvement of all its procedures

For example, any unit sold can be easily tracked and traced at any time. This enables us to identify each and every one of the components that make up every unit shipped from our production facility. 

This is possible thanks to a thorough internal control of the materials used on our production lines, and the equipment sold. Likewise, once manufactured, we identify and test each of the units sold and distributed. This guarantees that they all work perfectly before being shipped to customers.


A broad range of after-sales services

Quercus Technologies stands by its customers throughout the entire purchase process, and afterward, in the after-sales phase. Offering optimal RMA service is another of our main goals. We know how important it is to provide customers with good repair services - RMA: Return Merchandise Authorization. 

That is why, once we've received a unit to repair, we provide the customer with a response including the technical diagnosis of the equipment received, and the possible solutions for its repair, within a maximum period of five working days. Once our customer has agreed to the repair, we guarantee that we will repair and ship the equipment within five working days. 


Mercè Clua
COO at Quercus Technologies


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